What is BubbleΒalls®

The BubbleBalls ® is a new fun and innovative game. By wearing the inflatable ball as an outfit, you are ready to give new meaning to sporting activities you already know and new games that will fascinate you.

In the world of BubbleBalls® collision means fun and a lot of laughter, and now you have the opportunity with your friends and colleagues to discover the activity that gives you the opportunity to play, laugh and exercise, wearing your huge inflatable ball.

Are you ready for the most fun conflict you ever had?

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How To Play?

BubbleBalls® Football, which combines elements of some of the most famous sports, such as football, rugby and dodgeball. BubbleBalls® Football is a sport that the defender entertains just as much as the attacker!

BubbleBallers can be of any age ( up to 7 years old), fitness, athletic ability or physical structure. Whether you are a kid or a ... mature kid, you will definitely enjoy it as well, since its main ingredient is the fun it offers.

BubbleBalls® , are just as fun, and without a soccer ball. There are several other exciting games, such as Bowling , "Zombie" , Sumo , "VIP" >, "Capture the BubbleBall" and more. Our Gamers will help you discover those games and guarantee your amusement.

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Never before has the collision been so fun