How to Play?

BubbleBalls® Football is a new sport that combines the elements of some of the most popular sports, such as football, rugby and dodgeball. BubbleBalls® Football is a sport where the defender and attacker positions are equally enjoyed!

You do not have to worry about yellow or red cards, since BubbleBalls® is a sport where melee fighting is not punished. This particularity, moreover, is what makes it so entertaining and special.

So, what are the real rules of the game? The answer is simple, keep the ball within the limits of the court, and of course you should score a goal! The above process may seem easy, but in actual fact, you will find it a challenge due to your opponent's defence tactics.

BubbleBallers can be of any age, physical fitness, athletic skills and physical stamina. Whether you are a child or ......a big child, you will surely have the same fun, since its main objective is the enjoyment it offers. BubbleBalls® is just as fun without a soccer ball. There are several exciting games like "Bowling", "Zombie", "Sumo". The Gamer will help you discover them and have fun with them. Take a BubbleBall to enjoy this exciting experience.

Discover the BubbleΒalls® experience

Never before has the collision been so fun