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Are you a fan of sport? Seeking an unconventional sport? Want to try something fresh and different? Are you young, aged 5 to 65?

If the answer is YES to all the questions, then BubbleBalls® has the solution. We will provide you with the right equipment and a great number of games so that you and your friends can experience an unforgettable time that will involve many collisions and of course a lot of laughter. BubbleBalls® means fun and sports, and our team can guarantee that. Your friends will be grateful.

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Number of BubbleBalls®

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Προαιρετικές Παροχές

  • Football Dart
    Football Dart
  • Drone Video Package
    Drone Video Package
  • Ground Photo & Video Package
    Ground Photo & Video Package
  • Giant Soccer Ball
    Giant Soccer Ball

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Never before has the collision been so fun