• Is there a minimum or maximum height / weight / age?

    Yes, all players should be 1.30m or less and weigh less than 120kg to participate. There are no age restrictions, however, we generally recommend players to be 7 years of age or older. Please let us know if you have players shorter than 1.30m or heavier than 120kg. We can generally accommodate them but will need to bring special BubbleBalls®.

  • What should I wear to play BubbleBalls?

    We recommend wearing sportswear along with a good pair of running shoes. We also recommend wearing contact lenses as glasses can easily fall off as you are being bounced around. And remember to bring plenty of water.

  • Do I need to have any special skills?

    Not at all. People of all levels can enjoy BubbleΒalls® and players of all levels from athletic to newbies can enjoy BubbleΒalls® soccer as well as other games. If you get tired or winded you are welcome to step out of the game and have another player substitute for you.

  • Do I need any additional equipment?

    You will not need to bring anything else to play. Like our slogan says, just show up and bounce. However, feel free to bring bottled water or juice to rehydrate and a small personal towel.
  • Where can I play?

    BubbleBalls® is played on 5x5 soccer fields, indoor gyms, playgrounds, parks, large private gardens, beaches and generally on real or artificial grass, parquet or sand.

    Our company cooperates with the 5x5 fields, which you can see in the section "Locations". It can be booked on your behalf depending on availability, so all you need is to get your company together and be at the location you have chosen at the predetermined time for an unforgettable experience.

    If the locations that we cooperate with are not suitable and you prefer somewhere else, we can organize the activity at the place of your choice.

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